Mom holds baby girl while the older daughter looks at her sister while sitting on the front porch of their family home.

I always say that the most important element for making beautiful portraits is beautiful lighting, and sometimes that means doing an entire session on the front porch! Maria and Justin welcomed Baby Harper to their crew last month and I got to hang out at their home last week for some newborn snuggles with this […]

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Mom kisses newborn boy on the head while dad holds him.

Welcoming your first baby into your family rocks your world in the wildest way. You’ve never been so tired but also so in love in your entire life….it’s a crazy feeling! Getting to watch other families experience it for the first time is so awesome, and being able to capture milestone portraits of their new […]

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Grandmother and granddaughter pose together.

Allison and I have been friends for a long time now, and over the years I have loved hearing stories about her Yaya and Papa. Her grandparents are in their 90s, but you would literally never guess it. They are truly young at heart! Papa is constantly in his workshop working on a new project […]

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Mom and dad stand smiling and embracing while three boys run in a circle around them in front of Mount Union pond.

When there is a location that plays such an important part of your story, it means so much to have photos taken there to forever look back on. For Megan and Ryan, University of Mount Union in Alliance, OH is that place. This is where their love story began, when they were both students on […]

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Bride and groom embrace as bride smiles looking down

Nina and Matt were bound and determined to become husband and wife last June when the covid pandemic was really picking up momentum, and they followed through on their original plan to exchange vows on June 13, 2020. They held a small ceremony with their immediate family at Union Square Tower, and it was the […]

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wedding ceremony at the Kidston Pavilion at the Mill creek Park Fellows Riverside Gardens

In May of 2020, Dana and Tyler found themselves faced with the difficult decision of postponing their wedding due to the covid pandemic. They had already anticipated this day for so long, and waiting an additional year was not an easy choice to make. But they ultimately decided that they wanted to celebrate their vows […]

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