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Lifestyle Newborn Session | Austintown OH | Baby Maria

 in home newborn portrait session with mom dad and two daughters

Baby Trickett #2 has arrived, and IT’S A GIRL! When sweet Eliza was born in 2021, her gender was a surprise, which made the anticipation of her arrival so much fun. Now Eliza has graduated to big sister status, and Maria Lucille has joined the Trickett family! This little lady has everyone wrapped around her finger with her chubby cheeks and roly poly arms, and was an absolute angel for her entire newborn session at home. Rachel and Jack recently painted a wall in their living room the most beautiful shade of green with gold leaf stenciling, and I just knew it would be so amazing if we could use that wall as the backdrop for some of these family portraits. Luckily Rachel is team “anything for the photos,” and Jack let us dismount the TV so we had some room to snap these beautiful moments oohing and ahhing over Baby Maria. Eliza brought the toddler energy big time, which balanced the newborn naps and diaper blow outs nicely 😆

Thank you Rachel and Jack for inviting me along to capture all the wonderful highlights of your family over the years. So excited for Eliza to have a sister to go through life with, and a built in bestie! You are building a beautiful family, and it’s a joy to capture! ❤️

Lifestyle Newborn Session | Austintown OH | Baby Maria

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