based in the heart of the rustbelt of Northeast Ohio. I’m known to frequent local coffee shops in a lifelong pursuit of the perfect pour over, get overly excited about pretty much everything, and laugh way too much during work hours. Oh and if you’re wondering how to pronounce my name, it’s easy! - it rhymes with darlin’. I am a wife to my handsome mountain man Benjamin, who teaches me daily to appreciate flannel, beards, and of course deer season. Together we are learning to live simply and love well, valuing memories and experiences over all the “stuff” in life.  

I am passionate about telling stories for others. There are so many ways to share our stories, and I’ve fallen in love with the way we can do so through photographs. Life can be a little messy, a little less-than-perfect, and it’s those moments that I think we look back on and love the best. If you feel the same, then drop me a little note and let’s be friends!

Hello There!

I’m Carlyn, a lifestyle photographer 


Hocking Hills

Big Bear Lake, CA

Yellowstone National Park  

Grand Canyon

It almost seems cliche these days to add a love of travel to the list, but wanderlust is a real thing and I’ve got it bad. I studied abroad in Florence during college, and ever since then I’m always looking for the next adventure. Luckily my husband is a fluent traveler as well, and we’ve embraced every opportunity to see the mountains and the sea, from the west coast to the east. If you’re located somewhere that I am not, I’d love to come to you! Travel makes my work even more enjoyable, and I love the chance to explore new places.  

-William Feather

"One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure." 

My adventures

Surprises, thrift shops, camping, yoga, my nephews and niece, sweater weather, and bluegrass music. 

things that I love


God, community, barefeet, slowing down, taking the scenic route, and occasionally getting a little lost.


things I Believe in

Chapstick, my planner, my sister, morning coffee, and essential oils.


things I can't live without


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