Hazel Ann | 5 Years Old

How quickly another year has gone by – it’s hard to wrap my mind around. But alas, Hazel is 5 years old, and I think she’s been counting down to this day since her 4th birthday! 😆 This girlie’s personality is just so fun, and it was a joy to watch her grow this past year. She loves baking and cooking, and always wants to whip something up in the kitchen. She discovered Disney princesses this year, and Elsa fever has taken over completely….our household can sing both the Frozen soundtracks in our sleep. She loves allll things worms and toads, and spent most of spring and summer digging in the dirt to capture little critters. She loves a trip to Dunkin and Home Depot with daddy, and is my favorite sidekick for running errands or a trip to the coffee shop. Her fashion sense flourished and she loves picking out her own clothes, which is a practice in letting go for this mama, ha! She’s a dress gal through and through, and if it doesn’t twirl, she doesn’t want to wear it. This silly goose still sleeps with her beloved sock puppets on, speaks at volume ten at all times, and loves putting on shows – tap dancing, Elsa, or bagpipes. She belts worship songs at the top of her lungs, lives for summer camping, and loves ice cream as much as her mama. Hazel Basil, you are just the best! Happy birthday sweet girl!

4 Years Old

3 Years Old

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