Hazel 2 Years Old

Hazel Ann | 2 Years Old

This past year has simultaneously felt like an eternity, and like it flew by in a blink. I don’t know whether to blame that on the pandemic or having a toddler in my household! Somehow my baby is 2 years old! I loved looking back through all the photos I have taken over the past year to see how much Hazel has grown. A year ago she still felt like a baby, and now she is constantly running around and chattering like crazy. 2020 was full of so many milestones, from her first steps, to her first words. Every day she amazes us with a new skill or word or funny thing she does to make us laugh. Although it makes my mama heart feel sad to see that she needs me less for some things, it also makes me so proud to watch her grow and gain her independence. And yes, that hair is still red as red can be. Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet Hazel Ann!!

1 Year Old


*Family portraits taken by Third Eye Imagery!

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