Hazel Ann | 4 Years Old

Being 3 was all about finding her independence, which of course was both a joy and a challenge to navigate 😆 But we did it, we made it through! Hazel Ann is sweet and spicy, creative, kind, stubborn, joyful, and so much more. She loves cooking and baking with mama in the kitchen, getting her toolbox to help Daddy with projects, visiting the library each week, wandering the aisles at Home Depot, grocery shopping, and being anywhere her cousins are. She loves bagpipe music and Irish stepdancing, marching band songs, camping, Mill Creek Park, Awana Cubbies, and eating donuts at White House. She still loves her sock puppets and sleeps with them on every night, which is still my favorite little Hazel quirk that is just such a part of life now that I forget how funny it is! She moved out of her crib into a big girl bed, and started preschool last fall. Watching her make friends and gain another bit of independence is such a joy.

Toddler parenting definitely has its ups and downs, but even through the hard days I am just so grateful for this sweet girl and the honor of being her mama! She’s my little sidekick, and I know I’ll always cherish these years with my little shadow at my side. Happy 4th Birthday Hazel Ann!!

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Hazel Ann | 4 Years Old

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