Hazel Ann | 3 Years Old

I’m sure parents probably think this at every year of their child’s life, but two years old was my favorite! My sweet Hazel went from a babbling toddler to full blown conversations and learning how to tell jokes and a song always ready to be sung. The past 365 days have been such a delight, even during the phases that were challenging. Hazel loves to cook in the kitchen, read books, visit the library, be outside no matter the weather, and do anything Daddy is doing. She has so many hilarious quirks! (Does every 2 year old sleep with socks on their hands, or just mine? Just mine? Ha!) This quote by Susie Allison resonates so deeply with me and is the perfect summary to this past year:

“Toddlerhood is magic. That person you’ve been dying to get to know suddenly awakens. Are there challenges? Of course, but there are challenges with all stages in childhood. Toddlerhood is when it all begins to unfold, and so much of who they are comes to life. It feels a bit like magic to watch.”

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet Hazel Ann, I can’t wait to keep learning who you are and being delighted every step of the way!

2 Years Old

1 Year Old


Hazel Ann | 3 Years Old

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