Rhonda's Emerald Diner in Hubbard OH

Retro Family Session at Rhonda’s Emerald Diner | Hubbard OH | The Yenugu Family

For his whole life, 3 year old Archer has LOVED cars, and basically anything with wheels! He knows the makes and models, and is a car guy through and through. If it has wheels, he is happy! When planning ideas for the Yenugu family’s session celebrating the birthday guy, we decided to take him to a car show where he could explore alllll the old cars set up. Kami and Ravi live in the Cleveland area, but when she was googling car shows, she found this one at Rhonda’s Emerald Diner in Hubbard, OH. And being that the car show was in the parking lot of a diner, we thought it would be a blast to include the diner setting as well. Which of course means that a retro spin on this family session seemed like the obvious way to go! If you know Kami, you know she’s always up for something fun and I just love that she pulled these vintage vibes together for all their outfits. This was such a fun twist on a family photoshoot!

None of us had ever been to Rhonda’s Emerald Diner, but when I pulled in I squealed. It feels like stepping back into the 1950s as soon as you arrive! The cutest little diner, with the car show set up in the back parking lot. As soon as Archer saw all the cars lined up, he was so excited! Several of the car owners saw how excited he was and let him sit in the driver’s seat, which of course he loved. We checked out the cars, and then popped into the diner to grab a bite to eat. Archer loved the juke box, and of course the banana split he got for dessert. We ended our evening with a good ol’ fashioned strawberry milkshake, and I can’t think of a better grand finale! This session was just an absolute blast, and felt like such a creative reset. Here’s your reminder to take the things that your family loves and just go have fun with it for your family session! Cheers to car shows, retro diners, and turning 3 years old!

Retro Family Session at Rhonda’s Emerald Diner | Hubbard OH | The Yenugu Family

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