The Robertshaw Family – Maternity


It rained during their Love shoot.  It rained for their pregnancy announcement shoot.  So of course it only made sense that it would rain for their maternity photoshoot as well!  Here’s what I like about Charity and Mike though:  their flexibility, and their optimism.  I called Charity the evening of their session as I looked out the window at the monsoon tearing apart the trees before my very eyes, and said that I thiiiink we might need to reschedule.  There was no way this crazy storm was going to calm down enough for a shoot!  Charity, in her ever-optimistic way, asked if we could wait it out and see if the rain was going to clear up.  I agreed, but was sure there was no way.  Well what do you know, but a half hour later the wind stopped whipping trees around and the rain ceased its torrential downpour, and we had conditions good enough to go shooting in!  Woohoo!  If you know the Robertshaws, you are probably just about as excited as I am about the coming arrival of Baby Xavier.  He will finally be here in July, and I CANNOT WAIT to hold that baby and love love love him!  We only have to wait a few more weeks!  Until then, enjoy the Robertshaw crew and their maternity portraits….


Officially the cutest family ever!!


Can Aidan be any cuter?!  Smiles for miles with this kid!

It turns out that taking a family photo that includes a one year old little boy and a one year old little puppy looking in the same direction is ALMOST impossible.  But not quite.

Ginny is such a little stinker!  I love that crazy dog!

Charity’s got her hands full with these two babes, and one more is being added to the bunch!



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