studio family session Poland OH

Studio Family Session | The Henin Family | Poland OH

I think there really is some truth to the birth order personalities, and Karlo’s first birthday studio session just confirmed it 😂 This little peanut is sooooo laid back, and just goes with the flow entirely! Freddy and Danyelle laugh that he is not one to be generous with big gummy smiles and baby belly laughs, but rather he always has a “mildly amused” expression on his face. And he really does! It’s just hilarious! The Henin family celebrated Karlo’s first birthday milestone with a studio session, and this really was the perfect choice for this winter birthday babe! The simplicity of a studio space really lets the subjects shine. Danyelle put together awesome outfits and colors, and I just love these vibrant tones! We laugh at how challenging Karlo’s newborn session was last year, mostly due to 2 year old Kareem who was not interested in participating whatsoever in the family photos. Kids! You really just never know what they’re going to do! Well this beautiful studio session made up for the chaos of the newborn session, because Kareem and Karlo were all smiles and so happy for our time together. We captured so many sweet moments and the joyful dynamic of the Henin family.

Happy 1st birthday to you, Karlo! We are all grateful for the easy second-born angel that you are 🤣

Studio Family Session | The Henin Family | Poland OH

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