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Lifestyle Home Session | Columbiana OH | The Skaggs Family

They’re back, they’re back, they’re baaaack!! For the past several years the Skaggs fam has called Omaha, Nebraska their home, but all is right in northeast Ohio once again! My friendship with Bud and Kallie goes back to our college years, and I am forever grateful for these lifers right here. When they recently relocated to Columbiana, Kallie said she wanted an in home lifestyle session in their beautiful new home. Her only vision for these photos was to capture the sweetness and joy of everyday life with their little ones. Bud and Kallie have two adorable kiddos, Nora and Milo. These two could not be more opposite in personality, but they jive together so well! Nora is a #spicyredhead so obviously Kallie and I have a lot of notes to compare. I’m pretty sure this girl can talk to anyone! She’s a natural performer, with so much spunk! Milo is more reserved and observant, and has such a gentleness about him. He loves setting up dinosaur dioramas, Nora loves reading her books and snuggling with their dog Bounce. Bounce obviously knew that I was really just here to pet her and tell her what a good dog she is, and I’m obsessed with her (and her photobombs because she just wanted to stare into my eyes while I pet her endlessly). We piled on the couch, pizza partied in the kitchen, and had a blast on this Saturday morning together.

Kallie, I hope these everyday moments are just what you were hoping for! The love you guys share is something special, that’s for sure. The little moments are the best moments I know you’ll cherish years down the road, from the freckles on your daughter’s nose to the blue sparkles in your son’s eyes.

Lifestyle Home Session | Columbiana OH | The Skaggs Family

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