Family of five sits around kitchen table surrounded by trinkets and antiques

Quirky Maximalist Family Portrait Session | Columbiana OH | The Hatch Family

When Morgan told me she had a bit of a crazy idea for her family’s upcoming portrait session with me, I was all ears. Trying something outside the box is always so fun, and such a creative challenge! Well Morgan mentioned that she knew of a home in Columbiana that was filled with major maximalist vibes and unique vignettes, and that the owner agreed to let us do our session in his house if we wanted. YES PLEASE! Morgan bought a table set from the owner a few years ago and was captivated by his unique home when she picked it up, and I’m so glad he didn’t think we were too crazy when she contacted him and asked if we could come back. He was thrilled that we wanted to come explore his house! Literally every nook and cranny is filled with antiques and odds and ends, a collector’s dream.

Doing a quirky studio-style portrait session like this was so much fun, and the Hatch crew was a blast to work with! If you know Chris and Morgan and their kids at all, then you know that they are totally the kind of family that can pull off an idea like this. And I’m happy to report that we didn’t break anything in the making of these portraits 😂 Morgan, I hope that all your quirky maximalist family portrait dreams came true with this one!! Thank you for entrusting me with your vision, and for making the time to do this session during your trip back to Ohio!

Quirky Maximalist Family Portrait Session | Columbiana OH | The Hatch Family

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