Family smiling on bed of flower truck.

Vintage Flower Truck Family Session | Canfield OH | The Perry Family

Vintage Flower Truck Family Session | Canfield OH | The Perry Family

I KNOW it’s gonna be an amazing final gallery when I’m practically giddy editing all the photos with a smile on my face literally the entire time. I absolutely love being invited to capture couples and families who have a creative streak and love running with an idea they have in their head! Maran is a creative visionary, and ran with her Country Living-inspired idea of filling up their family’s vintage Ford truck with fresh flowers galore from the local greenhouse down the road. The truck, the flowers, the setting……ahhhh. Picturesque! We finally hit some warm weather here in Northeast Ohio the day the Perry family’s session rolled around, and just feeling the sunshine on on our faces and cool grass beneath our toes was the perfect start to our evening together. Neil and Maran and their three beautiful kids feel like family, and I love getting to catch up with them and just enjoy their chaos. Claire, Cora, and Cru are getting so grown up! I loved hearing their stories and ideas and laughter, and it makes me so happy that photo day in their family is such a fun thing to look forward to. When you learn to embrace the craziness that is life with kids, and appreciate photos of your family that aren’t “perfect,” it is such a fun experience to simply enjoy time with each other just being yourselves. Dirty feet and crazy hair and even the bickering too :) It’s all worth remembering!

Enjoy just some of my favorites from this vintage flower truck family session with the Perry crew! Their love and joy is infectious, I guarantee you’ll be smiling by the time you reach the end!

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