West Side Market Cleveland OH engagement session

West Side Market Engagement Session | Cleveland OH | Katy + Paul

When we first started planning their engagement session, I asked Katy and Paul what some of their favorite things to do in Cleveland are.  When their first response was that they love wandering the stalls of the West Side Market, I just KNEW we had to include the market in their engagement session!  If you live in Northeast Ohio and have never visited Cleveland’s iconic market, you honestly HAVE to add this to your list!  The market is filled with vendors selling anything and everything to delight the senses: bread, cheese, spices, crepes, pasta, and so much more.  Walking through the doors feels like stepping back in time, it truly is an experience!  Last week I met Katy and Paul at their home in Avon, where we hung out with their rescue kitties Penny and Franny and chatted for a while.  After talking on the phone, I was SO excited to meet these cuties in person.  Do you ever just connect with someone in that weird kind of way?  Katy and I kept saying it felt like we already knew each other!  Katy is a teacher, and has such a soft and caring personality.  I loved getting to hear the story of how one little swipe on Tinder turned into phone conversations, that turned into a first date, that turned into The Real Deal.  How crazy is that!  Paul is the perfect match for Katy, and they compliment each other in the best ways.  Except when it comes to playing board games, when it’s every man for themselves and the competition comes out!!

After hanging out for a bit, we bundled up and headed out to West Side Market in downtown Cleveland!  Katy and Paul hit up their favorite vendors, and the bread vendor was so sweet and even gave them a free baguette when he saw we were taking engagement photos.  So kind!!  We were at the market right at the end of the day, so we really lucked out and did not have to battle the crazy crowds that typically fill the aisles.  The brick ceiling and trademark windows of the market provided the perfect backdrop to have some fun, I wish we could have stayed here all day!  As the market was closing, we wandered down the street to end our evening with some delicious Mitchell’s Ice Cream.  If you are an avid ice cream enthusiast, you are my kinda people.

Katy and Paul, I cannot WAIT for your wedding this summer!!  We are going to have the best day celebrating, I just know it.  I hope you two had as much fun at your engagement session as I did, thank you for sharing your story, your memories, and your laughter with me!

West Side Market Engagement Session | Cleveland OH | Katy + Paul
West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0002 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0003

Paul had Katy’s ring custom made!  That thing was worth the wait Katy!

West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0004 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0005 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0006 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0007 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0008 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0009

To the market!  We braved the cold and hung outside before heading indoors!

West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0010 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0011 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0012 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0013 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0014 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0015 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0016 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0017 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0018

West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0019 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0020 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0021 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0022

West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0023 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0024 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0025The perfect mural wall to match Katy’s coat!

West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0027 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0028 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0029 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0030 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0031 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0032 West-Side-Market-Cleveland-OH-Engagement-Session_0033

Because nothing says “I Love You” like ice cream :)


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