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Women In Business Creative Retreat 2017 | Conneaut, OH

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, am I right?  If you are an entrepreneur, then long hours, hustle, and endless cups of coffee are no doubt all a part of your everyday life.  There’s a quote I’ve heard before that’s something along the lines of “I’d rather work 80 hours a week for myself rather than 40 hours a week for someone else.”  And you know what?  All the hustle is worth it.  Five years ago I walked out of my full time office job and started working for myself, and the satisfaction found in working for yourself just can’t be found anywhere else.  Being a #bosslady can be exhausting, but so rewarding!

The idea to host a creative retreat for other women entrepreneurs is something that has been on my heart for a couple years now.  Business owners hustle hustle hustle to get all the work done, and it can be easy to forget how to make time for yourself.  Cultivating relationships and friendships, relaxing, doing something entirely non-work related simply for the enjoyment of unwinding.  What started as a little seed of an idea blossomed into the Women In Business Creative Retreat!  Eight women gathered at a lake house in Conneaut, OH for two days to spend time together connecting and relaxing, and I still can’t believe we actually made this thing happen!  Seeing a vision come to life is always a little crazy!  We practiced yoga on the beach, held a painting class (also on the beach!), had a pampering spa night, and enjoyed delicious meals with friends.  I hope that every woman who attended left this time together with deeper friendships with other creative ladies, a renewed mind, and a fresh motivation to keep pursuing their business dreams.

Ladies, THANK YOU to each and every one of you who took the time out of your busy lives to invest in yourselves.  I loved getting to know each of you better and relaxing with all of you!  You are all doing great things, and I can’t wait to see your businesses continue to thrive!  Special thanks to the following people:

Lisa Schwartz:  for allowing us to stay at your beautiful beach home!

Melissa Kimpel:  for leading us in yoga and pampering us with Kindred Collection products!  Melissa also played a huge part in organizing this event, and I am so grateful!

Jessica Lipply: for her presentation to our group on content marketing!

1820 House: for donating candles to our goodie bags!

Arty Pants:  for leading our Paint N Sip class on the beach!

Women In Business Creative Retreat 2017 | Conneaut, OH
Conneaut Women's Retreat_0002 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0003

What a beautiful place for a yoga practice!

Conneaut Women's Retreat_0004 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0005 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0006 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0007 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0008 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0009 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0010 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0011 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0012

Jackie is such a great teacher!  She made us all feel like artists!

Conneaut Women's Retreat_0013 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0014 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0015 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0016

A little pampering thanks to Kindred Collection!

Conneaut Women's Retreat_0017 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0018 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0019

Jessi taught us all about content marketing, SEO, and the importance of a strong web presence!

Conneaut Women's Retreat_0020 Conneaut Women's Retreat_0021

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