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Bohemian Studio Lifestyle Session | Youngstown OH | The Buonavolonta Family

As soon as I walked into the Buonavolonta’s apartment tucked away in a hidden little corner of Youngstown, I fell in love.  Sam and Melanie are both true artists in every sense – Sam is a musician, and Melanie is a fellow portrait photographer.  Youngstown hosts an amazing creative community, and though we have a ton of mutual friends, this was my first experience getting to spend time with the Buonavolontas and really getting to know them.  Just three months ago they welcomed their baby girl Tillie into their world, and she is so clearly the light of their entire universe.  She’s named after her great-grandmother, and I just love when a name has special meaning like that!  We spent the morning hanging out in their eclectic studio apartment, and I absolutely love everything about their bohemian living space.  Artwork lines every wall, stacks of books and music decorate the majority of surfaces, plants breathe life into the window sills, and their personalities shine through in every space.  Although it seems impossible to pick just one, my favorite little corner of their home might be the glorious wall of mugs in their kitchen.  Not like ten mugs hanging on hooks, I mean row after beautiful row of mugs that each tell a story.  Just wait, you’ll see!

Melanie and Sam, thank you for inviting me to share a day with you and tell your story.  Seeing the way you love each other and how that love overflows to Tillie is just beautiful – remember these days forever!

Bohemian Studio Lifestyle Session | Youngstown OH | The Buonavolonta Family

woman changing baby's diaper on changing table with mirror baby laying on changing table smiling at reflection in mirror woman nursing baby sitting on couch next to macrame plant hanger woman holding baby in lap next to husband sitting on couch bohemian couple sitting on chaise holding baby

I see so much of Sam in Tillie!

Sam Goodwill Youngstown OH

Sweet mama moments

Bohemian woman sitting on chaise nursing infant mother breastfeeding baby sitting on couch man with curly hair and beard standing in kitchen in front of mug wall man pouring kettle into mug

How do you even pick just one?  Tough decisions here.

man selecting coffee mug from mug wall in kitchen mother holding infant standing in kitchen next to husband random mugs hanging on hooks on wall bohemian couple standing in kitchen holding coffee cups smiling at each other man holding baby standing at home studio desk stirring cup of tea father wearing flannel holding baby daughter while woman holds baby's hand

bookshelves in front of green wall with vintage cameras and books

bohemian couple holding baby standing at home studio desk with bike suspended from ceiling bohemian family session

Tillie LOVED sitting on her daddy’s lap while he played the piano!  I think she likes watching the keys move in the open top!

Sam Goodwill sitting at piano holding infant daughter man playing piano with baby in his lap

Lemonade wasn’t super interested in being a part of the photoshoot, but we tried.

black cat jumped up on home art studio desk in front of family Sam Goodwill playing piano holding infant daughter bohemian parents holding infant drinking tea

Tillie scored a front row seat to the best show in town!

man playing acoustic guitar for baby daughter sitting on couch man playing acoustic guitar for baby daughter sitting on couch while wife looks on bohemian parents sitting on yellow chenille bed with baby daughter baby girl sitting in father's lap while mother smiles at her

mother sitting in vintage rattan chair holding baby daughter

bohemian parents sitting on yellow chenille bed holding baby daughter up in the air mother's hands wrapped around infant toes man with curly hair and beard holding baby standing in bedroom with wife bohemian parents reading book to baby daughter in their lap sitting on bed parents reading book to baby girl sitting in their lap bohemian lifestyle family session youngstown OH

Melanie, you’re a queen <3

mother breastfeeding baby sitting on yellow chenille bed man and woman laying on yellow chenille bedspread with baby daughter in between them mother holding baby daughter in her arms sitting on her bed woman holding baby standing in living room while husband puts album on record player man pulling out Neutral Milk Hotel vinyl to put on record player man in flannel standing in living room putting on record player bohemian couple hugging in living room framed silhouettes of man and woman on bookcase man wearing flannel twirling woman wearing long skirt dancing in living room vintage record player

Love, love, love.

bohemian lifestyle home session

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