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Baby Charlotte | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Howland, OH

When I first arrived at the Graham household, Miss Charlotte was wide-eyed and waiting for me!  This little sweet pea was alert and looking around and ready for the camera!  Sleeping babies are always fun to snuggle and photograph, but I love when my newborn clients peek open their eyes for just a few photos.  How wonderful it is to stare into those soulful eyes that get to experience all the things life has to offer, beginning with the love of family.  And man oh man is this babe loved.  Maria and Justin welcomed their daughter a couple weeks ago with all the excitement and joy of new parents.  Just one look at Justin holding his tiny babe in his big bear hands, and Maria rocking her with a smile on her face, and you can see how head over heels they already are for Charlotte.  And I can’t leave out Buck and Wyatt, Charlotte’s furry older brothers!  These dogs are so attentive and interested in the little bundle in that blanket!  They stayed close by throughout our entire session, checking in every once in a while to give Charlotte a sniff.  Justin told me that they lay right by her crib every day, just keeping watch over her.  How sweet is that!  This girl is loved in every sense.  It was such a joy to document these first moments as a family for the Grahams, and to share in their excitement and gratitude!  Congratulations Maria and Justin!


mother rocking baby in nursery with dogs laying at her feet Charlotte name sign hanging on nursery wall mother holding newborn by window and dog laying in nursery mother rocking newborn with dog nearby mother rocking newborn with dog nearby

So sweet and peaceful!

newborn wrapped in white blanket on chair parents holding newborn daughter mother holding newborn dogs sniffing newborn baby parents holding newborn wrapped in white blanket

Daddies melt my heart, every time.

father holding newborn daughter close newborn wrapped in white blanket in father's hands wooden sign hanging on brick wall parents holding newborn daughter newborn girl wearing pink headband

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  1. Jenee Tyree says:

    Beautiful pictures. We remember Maria when she was this small. She is absolutely precious!

  2. Marlene Duran says:

    Congratulations to you n Justin!❤️
    What a beautiful daughter ….. Charlotte! Your mom n I worked together for many years and always spoke of you n your sister Dana with such love n excitement.. And now you’re made her a grandma n return the love n excitement for her!
    Best wishes on being a Mom! … You’ll be a wonderful mother… Your a beautiful family!????????❤️

  3. Diana Meikle says:

    She is just so precious! Congratulations to Mom and Dad! Love you guys!


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