Baby Kalyn



When you find out that one of your best friends is going to have a baby while you are living on the opposite end of the country, there’s only one answer:  you immediately book your flight from California to Ohio!  My dear friends Brittany and Dave welcomed their baby girl Kalyn Dawn into the world on February 21st, and I had the joy of meeting this sweet girl when she was just 6 days new!  And my opinion might be a little biased, but I just have to tell you that this little peanut is one BEAUTIFUL baby girl.  Kalyn has a head full of blonde hair and her mama’s lips and her daddy’s nose, and she is perfect.  Just perfect!  I got to spend the morning snuggling Kalyn and capturing the joy of my friends as they embrace parenthood, and it was a beautiful day.  Most babies like to snooze their newborn sessions away it seems, but not this one!  Oh no, Miss Kalyn was wide awake and checking out all the action, I can’t get over how alert she was!  Take a look at these special moments as a new family of three, and welcome to the world Kalyn!


Dave made this wall piece by hand!  What a crafty guy!

Brit found these prints on Etsy, I love the yellow and gray patterns!

I could just eat those baby piggies right up!

Occasionally I catch a quick newborn smile during sessions, but Kalyn was generous with her little baby smiles and I got sooo many sweet ones!

Ohhhh, the sweetness!  Brit, you are such a beautiful mommy!

The proudest daddy I ever did see! :)

I can’t get over that head full of blonde hair!

Congratulations Yost family!!!

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  1. Lauren Rider says:

    Congratulation Dave & Brittany! She is beautiful. Awesome pictures Carlyn. Well done! :)

  2. Michelle Brown says:

    Eeek I love her! What perfect parents! One of the most beautiful newborns I’ve ever seen! Congrats friends :)


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