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On the list of must-see locations in the world, it’s a no-brainer that the Grand Canyon is high up there.  We have all seen pictures of it and learned about it at some point in school, but I don’t think it’s possible to actually comprehend the greatness of such a place until you have actually gone and visited it for yourself.  This was my first time ever seeing the Grand Canyon, and I had been looking forward to it our entire week of travel!  It felt like Christmas morning when we woke up before the sun at a cabin in the mountains of Flagstaff, AZ.  Which, by the way, if you are ever out that way, I highly recommend spending some time in the city of Flagstaff, Ben and I absolutely loved this mountain town in northern Arizona!  We spent the prior evening exploring the little shops and restaurants in town, there were so many cool things to see and do and not enough time for all of it!  As we left Flagstaff and were winding our way through the mountains towards the Grand Canyon, we were already in awe at all of the beauty surrounding us.  The sky was a kind of blue I didn’t even realize was possible, and the air felt so pure it almost hurt to breathe.  I don’t know how many times we pulled the car over to get out and just look at the beauty around us.  And we weren’t even at the Grand Canyon yet!


The Grand Canyon was nothing like I was expecting!  Maybe not the canyon itself, but actually getting to it.  I thought it was something you drive right up to.  You know, pull over on the side of the road and hop out to look at the canyon.  Not true!  It’s actually an entire National Park, with lots of roads and overlooks and trails.  We stopped at as many of the overlooks as we could, and took the park shuttle to see even more awesome viewpoints.  There truly are no words that can ever give justice to the beauty and wonder of the Grand Canyon.  It is every bit as glorious as people say, even more so when you are experiencing it for yourself.  The massiveness of the canyon holds the power to make you consider life and how insignificant we really are, and how supreme God the Creator really is.  Who are we, that God would give us all this beauty to delight in!  This experience will forever remain in my memory as a beauty all it’s own.



The mountains of beautiful Flagstaff, AZ





My first glimpse of the canyon!  Amazing!






A herd of deer passed right near where we were overlooking the canyon!  And when a mountain man sees a herd of deer, there’s only one thing to do….


Follow them!  They let us come incredibly close!!  They blend in with the trees so they were a little tricky to photograph!



I caught this curious little guy off guard when we peeked around a tree and saw each other!


A little Grand Canyon yoga, of course!



So much beauty to behold.



We followed this snowy path for a bit!


I did not condone this idea, but he said he was standing on a ledge below and there was no chance he could actually fall.  I refused to get close enough to find out!





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