Brittany & Dave – Engaged

It was August 20, 2008 at a John Mayer concert when Brittany and I were first introduced by mutual friends.  Don’t you wish that the first time you meet someone, you’d know how wonderful they’re going to make your life?!  Brit and I quickly became great friends, and I am thankful for her!  We share a love for adventures and road trips, art and coloring, and coffee and campfires.  And also Jesus, which makes friendship that much sweeter.

Brittany and Dave have also known each other for several years.  After years of friendship, Dave finally came to his senses and realized that he had the world’s greatest catch sitting right in front of his face (thank goodness Dave!).  Brit and Dave started dating and the world made more sense because they were together.  He put a ring on it and now they’re gettin’ HITCHED in June!  Woohoo!!  I just love these two, who are best friends in the truest sense.

For their engagement session, we took a trip up to Lake Erie and wandered around the Ashtabula harbor and the beach snapping pictures.  The best part about taking pictures of couples in love is that it makes my job pretty easy because they’re super smiley and happy and don’t complain when I ask them to kiss each other for the 97th time.  These images make me smile because Brit and Dave are just so darn happy together, I don’t think they can smile any bigger!

B.Spaulds and Dave, I’m so happy for you two and super thankful to have you as friends.  CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement, your wedding is going to be an awesome celebration of your new life together!!

Is that a gorgeous couple, or what?!


Models.  My friends are models.


 Sigh.  You all know how I feel about magic light…

So cute!!  Brit, you were rockin’ that hat!


HA!  Oh Dave :)

Made it to the beach just in time for sunset.


Such a gorgeous sunset.

Every car in Ashtabula must have crossed this bridge as we were trying to get a picture!


Here’s a few shots from the night that Dave proposed to Brit!  They sneakily arranged to have their friends over at my house so they could tell us all at the same time.  SO EXCITING!!!


And here Brittany and I are at that John Mayer concert in 2008…..all I can say is thank goodness we have similar taste in music! :)  Good thing we took a picture to commemorate our new friendship!  Ha!





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  1. Heather says:

    Loved these shots! I could feel the fun and love!

  2. Sharon says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Love the ring picture!!

  3. Brenda says:

    Such great photos. We are so excited for you.


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