Puppy licks little boy with glasses on the nose during backyard family session

Backyard Summer Family Session | Poland OH | The Blackann Family

Ok two things that instantly put me in a good mood: puppies and wildflowers. And the Blackann family happened to have BOTH of these in their backyard for their summer family session at their home! Eeek! Alexa booked this session for her family ages ago, and when their August date rolled around we seriously had the most gorgeous evening. The sun was just sinking over the trees in their backyard, and the wildflowers in Alexa’s backyard garden were in full bloom. You never quite know what you’re going to get with kiddos, but let me tell you, the Blackann kids were absolute angels and seriously so sweet and excited to be taking pictures! I met Owen, Finley, and Ella several years ago when the Blackanns last did a family session with me. But Ethan was added to the crew 5 years ago and this was my first time meeting him! These guys just recently got a sweet floofy puppy named Denali, and he was the star of the evening. He literally looks like he is smiling in the portraits as well, he was just so happy to be surrounded by all his humans!

Backyard sessions are hands-down always my favorite, and these sunshine-filled summer evenings just can’t be beat. Alexa and Josh, I’m so happy you were finally able to get your updated family photos! Having these taken at your home makes them all the more special. Good luck picking favorites, it was impossible for me to narrow these down!

Backyard Summer Family Session | Poland OH | The Blackann Family

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