Grandmother and granddaughter pose together.

Legacy Generation Family Session | East Liverpool OH | The Brookes Family

Allison and I have been friends for a long time now, and over the years I have loved hearing stories about her Yaya and Papa. Her grandparents are in their 90s, but you would literally never guess it. They are truly young at heart! Papa is constantly in his workshop working on a new project of some sort, and Allison and Jason have so many original woodworking pieces in their home that are his craftsmanship! When Allison told me she wanted to take family portraits with her beloved grandparents in their backyard in East Liverpool, I was all in. So often we make the time to take family photos when kids are little and families are young, but don’t always do so down the road. For Allison to have these images of her with her grandparents is something I know she will cherish forever.

Being the handyman that he is, we of course had to take a tour of Papa’s workshop! The garage and basement are filled with all his woodworking tools and projects and collections, and his eyes absolutely lit up as he showed me and Allison around. Perhaps my favorite moment of the evening though was when Yaya brought out her most prized possession – her album of all the poems that Papa has written to her since they have been together. They have been married for 73 years now, and what a life they have shared! They flipped through the pages and read some of the poems to me, and seeing them paired with the old photographs of them when they were dating was such a treat.

We ended our evening together in the kitchen, where Allison told me a pot of coffee is always on. Well she was right, there was hot coffee ready on the counter and more stories to share from Yaya! Gathering in grandma’s kitchen is one of the best things to enjoy in life. Allison, thank you for organizing this special session for the generations of your family, it’s a legacy indeed!

Legacy Generation Family Session | East Liverpool OH | The Brookes Family

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