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Lifestyle Family Home Session | Pittsburgh PA | The Hooper Family

Where do I even begin with the Hooper family….I love these people for so many reasons! Almost a decade ago, Raina and Michael trusted me as their wedding photographer when I was just starting to dip my toes into the world of wedding photography, and I will forever be thankful that they saw something in me and my work that I was just beginning to discover for myself. I would include a link to their engagement session, but that was before I even had a blog and was burning CDs to send to clients to receive their photos! What a world! I captured sweet Anson’s newborn portraits, and have loved getting to watch him grow up into the awesome 4 year old that he is. Each year Raina, Michael, and Anson travel to Youngstown for their annual Christmas session tradition, and I selfishly love that I get to hug them and catch up.

Well these guys are about to embark on the biggest adventure of their lives, because they are moving to the Netherlands! Yes, the Netherlands! Michael accepted a promotion with his company that will take them abroad for the next 3 years, and they are selling their home in Pittsburgh and preparing for life in a new country. Before packing up their beloved home in the rolling hills of Pittsburgh, Raina and Michael invited me to come spend an evening with them and Anson just capturing the best things they love doing in their home and around their neighborhood. We made banana bread, played with cars, read books, played games, had a picnic in the front yard, and went for a walk around the block. The memories that families make within the walls of their home are ones that will be cherished forever, and having such authentic moments captured in photographs is just so valuable. I hope that the Hoopers look back at these everyday moments years from now and remember all the best parts of this season in their life. And I can’t wait to hear all about their grand adventure when we get to reunite in a few years! Cheers to seizing the day Hoopers, and all the memories you will be making in the Netherlands!

Lifestyle Family Home Session | Pittsburgh PA | The Hooper Family

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