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CKP Weekend Wrap-Up | Visiting Friends in Sandusky, OH

This weekend I got to visit my dear friends Bud and Kallie and their sweet little girl Nora!  Bud and I met in college when he was attending YSU, and we have remained friends ever since we discovered a mutual love for baking and Jesus.  The Skaggs crew lives in Sandusky, the land of Cedar Point and Lake Erie, and getting to visit them was such a treat!  The last time I saw Nora, she was just a fresh little baby, and now she’s a curly-haired little toddler running all over the place and chat chat chatting!  My nephews and niece loved getting to play with their new friend!  It was so nice to spend time together and relax at Bud and Kallie’s new house, just catching up on life.  Having friendships that last through the different seasons of life is a blessing, and we are lucky to have friends like these!


parents kissing daughter's cheeks

Ice cream at Toft’s!  Sandusky’s version of Handel’s….I won’t say I love it as much as Handel’s, but they’re not too shabby.

Mom and daughter toddler girl sitting on the beach of Lake Erie

The Conrads at the park

family with little kids at the playground little kids at the playground

New buddies!  We call them “the herd of gingers”….plus little blondie James.

group of kids sitting in the front yard mom with daughter on her shoulders

Bilbo!  I swear their dog kept smiling at the camera!

corgi dog on the patio

So glad that I got to have a coaching session with Kallie to show her the ropes of her new camera!  We got some great practice in, and I know she’s going to be a rockstar with her new DSLR!

Youngstown-Ohio-Carlyn-K-Photography_0010 Youngstown-Ohio-Carlyn-K-Photography_0011

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