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Sometimes, you just need to get away.  The kind of getaway where you don’t have cell service or electronics or even a lot of people, for that matter.  Hocking Hills in Logan, Ohio was the perfect retreat to celebrate Ben’s birthday.  This was our first time exploring Hocking Hills, and if you really want to be blown away by the beauty of nature, this is the place to go.  The rolling hills and farmland cast the perfect scenery, and our visit in early October was the perfect timing to witness the fall colors appearing on the trees.  Morning hikes to the local attractions were followed by lazy evenings at our cozy cabin, with nothing to do and nowhere to be.  This trip was a great reminder that books are more fun to read than emails, coffee tastes better in the woods, and driving aimlessly is never a waste of time.  What a refreshing time away during a busy season of life.   Enjoy some of my favorite moments in Hocking Hills!

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Rock House!  Tons of stone stairs to climb to get to the hidden caves!

Hocking Hills Ohio Travel Photographer_0008Hocking Hills Ohio Travel Photographer_0009Hocking Hills Ohio Travel Photographer_0010Hocking Hills Ohio Travel Photographer_0011Hocking Hills Ohio Travel Photographer_0012Hocking Hills Ohio Travel Photographer_0013Hocking Hills Ohio Travel Photographer_0014

The view from the top of Ash Cave

Hocking Hills Ohio Travel Photographer_0015Hocking Hills Ohio Travel Photographer_0016Hocking Hills Ohio Travel Photographer_0017

Fall colors peeking through…

Hocking Hills Ohio Travel Photographer_0018Hocking Hills Ohio Travel Photographer_0019

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love this, friend!! Definitely need to visit after seeing these pics! Also, the aimless driving? That’s known as “scooterpootin” where I’m originally from!! ;)


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